jolla-tabletEarlier this year, we brought you word that not all Jolla tablet backers will be on the receiving end of a Jolla tablet, no thanks to the company running into financial difficulties. However, this does mean that some Jolla tablet backers will receive the hardware of their choice, but it is without a doubt that those backers would most probably be wondering whether this is a good thing or not, since so few of such tablets exist, that support might not be there when it is required. Well, some closure is always required as it is good for all parties involved, and Jolla has stepped forward today to mention that it has 540 more tablets that are reading and waiting in the wings to be shipped out next month, in order to join the other 121 tablets that were shipped out in October last year.

Take note that these 540 Jolla tablets that are tipped to ship next month will be the last of their kind. As for those who wished that they could have a tablet, dropped their money, but will not be receiving one of them, tough luck – Jolla will be issuing refunds, so it is not all doom and gloom, although the refunding process might very well take up to a year to complete.

With thousands of people investing in the Jolla tablet and believing that it will be realized, surely Jolla has a whole lot of administrative tasks work with, as those are plenty of refunds which need to be issued. Hopefully Jolla does have the cash to issue everyone involved their refunds, and not just partially. [Press Release]

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