jolla-splitJolla of Finland has been around for quite some time, and it seems that the company is going to split its business – meaning the hardware side of things as well as the software bit will be separated. To be more detailed and specific, Jolla Ltd. will be the “face” that concentrates only on developing and licensing Sailfish OS, and then once summer is over, there will be a spanking new company that will be started in order to ensure that the manufacturing and sales of devices, including the Jolla Smartphone, the Jolla Tablet, as well as all of the other future Jolla-branded hardware products, will be done by that particular body.

Jolla, a company founded by ex-Nokia employees, claim that they are now looking at “huge opportunities in the Sailfish OS licensing business”, which indirectly points out that there will be other companies that ought to roll out devices that run on the Sailfish platform. Sailfish OS has its roots in MeeGo, just in case you were wondering.

At the moment, the only Sailfish OS-powered device in the market would be the Jolla smartphone, although the Jolla smartphone will not be so lonely anytime soon since the Jolla Tablet is well on its way with a late August release date. [Press Release]

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