If you’re a serious iPhone photographer, there are plenty of accessories out there that will aid in your photography efforts. Olloclip is probably one of the most well-known amongst them and if you own the iPhone 5, the company has announced that they will be offering their 3-in-1 lens kit that will be compatible with the iPhone 5. For those wondering what the Olloclip is about, it’s basically an external lens that can be clipped onto your iPhone. This allows iPhone users to get different kinds of effects while taking photos, such as fisheye, wide angle and even macro. While it might be hard to beat out DSLRs when it comes to these sorts of shots, reviews of the accessory so far have been generally positive and we expect that the iPhone 5 version should be the same as well. In any case if you’re interested in picking one up for yourself, you can pre-order the Olloclip via their website for $70 and you can expect it to start shipping at the end of November.

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