I am quite sure that you would have collected your fair share of USB flash drives by now, attending many press conferences and roadshows where prospectus and flyers now come in the digital format instead of on some high quality paper. Well, designers Lee Seungmin and Jin Juhyun decided that this particular collection of USB flash drives could be put to better use – by coming up with the concept that they have dubbed the Outdated USB Collector. The whole idea of the Outdated USB Collector is this – you use your old USB flash drives and dock them onto this concept, and they will use their collective storage space as one. By far a better idea compared to throwing away those 1GB and 2GB USB flash drives, don’t you think so? Of course, we do wonder what you are going to do with that 64MB USB flash drive of yours…

In front of the Outdated USB Collector, there will be a LCD display that is constantly updated, showing you just how much free storage space there is left. Should you run out of available memory, all you need to do is plug in a different USB flash drive (of larger capacity, obviously), and the situation should be settled.

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