We have seen the devastating effects of an EMP blast before – mostly in comics, and more recently, in a plethora of sci-fi movies. Well, it seems that the EMP blast is something that the Pentagon is looking for, and to be more specific, they way an electromagnetic pulse grenade for their troops – the sooner, the better, of course. Imagine tossing one of these bad boys in the vicinity of the enemy’s main computer, and when it goes off, watch havoc ensue as all electronics within range will fry and be rendered as useless. Needless to say, the Pentagon figured out that such real-life capability would come in handy, and has put up a request for a Tony Stark wannabe to invent one.

Basically, the EMP grenade is meant for individual soldiers to put down IEDs without having to load them down with something far too unwieldy, complicated and large. In general, IEDs are blown up on purpose remotely, but situations are not always ideal for that to happen, so disabling it from a distance is always a far better option. After all, it is better to err on the side of caution, no?

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