Has there always been something you’ve seen online and would love to pin in on your Pinterest board, but because of its sensitive nature you’d rather not have everyone see it? Perhaps it might be birthday present ideas, holiday shopping lists and etc., but whatever the case, it seems like you couldn’t pin it without everyone knowing about it, at least until now. Pinterest has announced new Secret Boards in which users will be able to create private boards that only they will have access to, which we guess can be used as a checklist or reminder of sorts.


These Secret Boards can be accessed via the web version of Pinterest, or on the iOS/Android version as well. At the moment Pinterest is calling these Secret Boards a test and will only allow the creation of three, but we guess if the company sees a demand for it, perhaps they will allow for more Secret Boards in the future. If you were so inclined, these Secret Boards can also be open to people you’ve authorized which sounds like it could be a good way to plan a party! More details about the Secret Boards can be found on Pinterest’s website.

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