Apple and Google have been competing with each other for the number one smartphone platform spot in terms of market share, although it is safe to say that Android has been dominating for a good portion of the time. Well in recently released report from the folks at Kantar World Panel, they have reported that it looks like based on a 12 week period of smartphone sales which ended on the 28th of October, it looks like Apple’s iOS platform may have finally knocked Android off its throne, albeit barely at 48.1% market share, while Android sits at 46.7%.

According to Kantar, it seems that this lead that Apple is enjoying is greatly attributed to the release of the iPhone 5, in which the report claims, via consumer surveys and third party reports, managed to grab 13% users from Android and an additional 6% from Blackberry users and first time smartphone owners. Kantar believes that Apple will be able to beat its previous record of 49.3% market share within the next two periods, although whether that is possible and will actually happen remains to be seen.

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