If you own a Retina MacBook Pro, there have been reports (via the Apple Support Forums) that after the latest EFI update, some users have been experiencing a drop in frame rate while running graphically intensive applications, like gaming for example, with the GeForce GT 650M graphics card. Some users have reported that a temporary fix can be achieved through a SMC reset. There has been some speculation that in the latest EFI update, these lower thresholds and underclocking of the GPU was done on purpose in order to reduce a certain whine that is emitted from the MacBook Pros when placed under a heavy load, or basically to help prevent overheating even while being utilized for general use. Others have suspected there might be a miscommunication between the firmware and the thermal bridges used to monitor the temperature. Are any of our readers experiencing this drop in frame rate after the EFI update, and if so what are your thoughts on the matter – intentional or bug?


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