Thanks to electronic devices like e-readers and tablets, buying physical copies of books and magazines are no longer our only option. Going digital means that publishers will spend less money printing, which in turn cuts down the amount of paper which could help sustain the environment, so we guess it’s not surprising to see tablets starting to replace other paper products, such as sheet music for example. Musicians relying on their smartphones or tablets to read music certainly isn’t new, but it looks like the Brussels Philharmonic will be the first orchestra in the world to replace paper sheet music with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.

A hundred musicians in the orchestra will be given a Galaxy Note 10.1 each, and each tablet will come with NeoScores’ software installed, and thanks to the S Pen, musicians will be able to flip between the pages and have their entire sheet music collection with them wherever they go. Apparently this move will also help save the orchestra some money, about €25,000 in the amount of paper that they will be saving. The Galaxy Note 10.1 will also feature Smart Stay, which keeps the device unlocked as long as the musicians are looking at it. It will also feature a special concert mode which will prevent unnecessary distractions to pop up during a concert. Pretty cool huh?

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