Madfinger Games has launched a free-to-play standalone multiplayer game for Android and iOS devices. The game, called Shadowgun: DeadZone, is more like a sequel to Madfinger’s original Shadowgun game. The game lets players experience intense tactical multiplayer battles with up to 12 players online. Featuring two game modes, Deathmatch and Zone Control, players are basically divided into two opposing teams of mutants and bounty hunters.

Players can select maps and also choose from 10 characters. As the ranking of your character increases, new elements will be unlocked for you to enjoy. Players will also love the new sprint and roll control elements that have been added into the gameplay. Shadowgun: DeadZone supports game pads and it even has a new multiplayer voice chat service courtesy of Ericsson. Shadowgun: DeadZone is now available on Android and iOS for free. You can get it on Google Play and iTunes. Remember to watch the video game trailer above to get an overview of the gaming experience.

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