Now here is a really fun way to tell the time with Sun and Moon Watch, and even better is, you need not look out and up at the sky to know whether it is morning or evening, and neither do you need to see whether it is in the AM or PM – with the Sun and Moon Watch from Watchismo, all it takes is but a glance, and there will be an image of the sky on the watch’s face, depicting visually whether it is night or day based on the position of the Sun or Moon in the sky that obviously, is on the watch’s face.

The crescent shaped sky that is shown on the dial represents 12 hours, where the hours will run from left to right: Whenever the sun is next to the leftmost marker, it would mean it is 6am. As the sun climbs to the sky slowly until it arrives at the apex of the crescent, it would be midday – lunchtime for all of you execs at the office! Following that, the sun will then gradually make its descent until it reaches the right hand marker at 6pm. Once 6pm is over, the Sun will ‘set’, and it disappears from view, letting the Moon segment of it takes over.

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