A hacker from a group called UG Nazi was sentence in Long Beach, California on Wednesday. Going under the moniker “Cosmo” or “Cosmo the God,” the 15-year old pleaded guilty to multiple felonies including credit card fraud, identity theft, bomb threats, and online impersonation. The young hacker says that the juvenile court has sentenced him to a probationary period up until his 21st birthday. During the period, he will not be able to use the Internet without the approval of his parole officer. He will only be allowed to use the Internet given that he will be fully-supervised and that it will be for educational purposes.

The juvenile court is also requiring Cosmo to hand over his account logins and passwords and must put in writing the devices that he has used to access any network. More importantly, Cosmo is also ordered not to communicate or contact fellow members of UG Nazi, also known as the Underground Nazi Hacktivist Group. During his stint with the group, Cosmo participated in many high-profile hacking activities that includes NASDAQ, CIA.gov, and UFC.com. Cosmo reportedly pioneered social-engineering methods that hacked the accounts of some Amazon and PayPal users.

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