When it comes to USB flash drives, it’s one of those things that is hard to be picky about. After all it’s just a storage device that lets you store data in a small form factor, letting you bring it with you to work, to school and etc. However it seems that there might be some people in the world who believe that the USB flash drive could be a possible fashion accessory, to the extent where it could even double as jewelry. If you agree with the latter sentiment, the folks at ZaNa Design have come up with a luxury USB flash drive called Apophis.

According to the company, this USB flash drive is made out authentic and certified meteorite and features a high-purity diamond embedded in it. The rest of the USB flash drive is made from African Black Wood, a material which apparently is considered to be the most luxurious wood in the world, and 925 silver and 18-carat gold. As far as the USB specs are concerned, thankfully it comes with USB 3.0 with 64GB of storage space along with a lifetime guarantee. So how much will the Apophis USB flash drive cost you? A staggering $1,990 for the gold version (pictured above) and $1,130 for the silver version.

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