Several Apple-watching sites have taken a look at their web logs, and they’ve found that they’ve been visited by computers sporting an OS X 10.9 identification string. It’s pretty easy to spoof an identification string, but several sites–including 9to5Mac–have confirmed that some of the OS X 10.9 strings are coming from Apple’s corporate network, so they’re most likely legitimate. Plus, the resolution on some of the hits is the same as the 15″ Retina MacBook Pro.


It shouldn’t be a surprise that Apple’s already testing another version of OS X–they’ve recently moved to a yearly release schedule, and in order to get it out by next summer, they should be doing internal testing for developer previews early next year. But now that we know another version of OS X is coming, we get to play my favorite Apple-related game: What big cats are still left for Apple to name their OS after? I’m in full support of naming OS X 10.9 after the noble Jaguarundi.

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