Thank goodness for cameras, nasty employees who would dip their dirty shoes on burgers and urinate on tacos and nachos are not getting away without getting fired. This video camera, in particular, was used by Walmart employees to record a “this is why you don’t buy an iPad from Walmart” video. The video, which is nearly 50-seconds long, showed Walmart employees at Pikeville, Kentucky throwing away iPads in the air while preparing them for sale. The video also shows one employee intentionally dropping an iPad on the floor while carelessly throwing it to another employee several meters away.

Of course, the primary motive was not to speed up the process of preparing the iPads for sale, the deed was obviously influenced by their desire to destroy the iPads, therefore jeopardizing Walmart’s precious reputation. Walmart has already fired the employees. “We were extremely disappointed to see such disregard for our customers and products. We are currently conducting an internal investigation and will be taking the necessary disciplinary actions. We’d like to reassure our customers that we are inspecting our electronic merchandise inventory and stand behind the products we sell. If there is an issue with a product you purchase at any location, it will be replaced or you will be refunded,” a Walmart spokesperson said.

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