Thanks to mobile internet and the creation of apps like WhatsApp, Skype, BBM, and etc., mobile phone users have found ways to send each other text messages that only require an internet connection. This means that even when faced with no cellular coverage and armed with WiFi, we are still able to send messages to one another. That being said, we guess it’s not surprising to learn that in the US, it has been reported that mobile users are starting to send fewer text messages a month. According to a report by Chetan Sharma Consulting, text message sending has dropped from 696 a month to 678.

The report has also suggested that SMS sending might have peaked in the second quarter of this year before finally falling. This is not the first time we’ve heard such reports where it has been suggested that thanks to IM apps, carriers are now facing a potential loss in revenue from SMS being sent. However rather interestingly, Sharma’s report also suggests that the growth in mobile data traffic will be slowing towards the end of the year, falling to an 80% rate which while seemingly high, isn’t as high as the previous five years in which its growth has been doubling.

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