Earlier today we reported that according to the rumor mill, word has it that Nintendo has prepped a Wii Mini for a release on the 7th of December. If you were trying to decide if this was merely a hoax or perhaps there might be some truth to it, well it seems that Best Buy has corroborated that rumor by listing the Wii Mini on its website (screenshot pictured above). Clicking the link itself does not direct us to the Wii Mini page, but rather a list of Wii Mini games which means several things. For starters it could mean that Best Buy could simply be buying into the rumors themselves, or they probably know something we don’t and if that is the case, based on the image, we might have a glimpse of how the alleged console might look like.

This is rather odd because like we stated in our previous report, Nintendo has recently mentioned that development on Wii games has stopped and that they would be focusing their efforts on the Wii U (unsurprisingly), so if that is the case, why would anyone be interested in buying a redesigned console from the previous gen? One possible reason comes to mind which is if the Wii Mini priced extremely competitively which will attract gamers who don’t mind playing current and older games. Either way we’ll take this with a grain of salt for now and will probably only believe it when we see it!

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