So you think that your smartphone has it good with all four cores running underneath the hood, don’t you? What is next on the books – half a dozen cores? Apparently not, as we have word on the street that ZTE of China has an Apache 8-core smartphone that comes complete with a 28nm ARM15 Mediatek chip under the hood, and this powerhouse of a chipset looks set to debut sometime next year.

No idea on whether 8-cores are going to have smartphone manufacturers come knocking on ZTE’s door, hoping to get a slice of 8-core action, as Huawei’s quad-core offerings which were announced earlier this year did not really make that much of an impact. I guess it is a game of patience this time around, where we will need to adopt the wait-and-see attitude before counting ZTE’s efforts to be a dud. For the sake of whichever smartphone that will carry this rumored chipset, hopefully the battery has the kind of capacity required to power all eight cores throughout the working day without running out of juice by lunch time.

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