The 3D “Wiki Weapon” project is interesting, as it explores the area of delivering a fully 3D printable gun. Unfortunately, the baby steps came apart at the seams after a test-firing session of an assault rifle that was made with one 3D-printed part. Right after five shots, on the sixth shot itself, the AR-15 assault rifle snapped in two. This particular failure that happened on the December 1st test goes to show just how challenging it can be to make working gun parts from the materials that are currently used for 3D printing, so the authorities need not worry themselves too much yet. Still, being able to fire five shots before malfunctioning is something to be concerned about, especially in the modern world.


There has been a bunch of gun experts who questioned the capability of 3D printer plastics to be able to stand up to the stresses of a gun firing, where among them include the force of the gunpowder explosion which will help propel individual bullets. I guess it will be some time before fully 3D printable guns will work as well, and “live” as long as their traditionally manufactured counterparts. What do you think?

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