According to the folks at Digitimes, it seems like come 2013, they expect that about 52.5 million Windows Phone devices will be sold. This of course pales in comparison to iOS and Android, but it seems that despite predictions of Android taking the lead while iOS sits second, their analysis has them believing that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform will take third place at 6.1% market share, while RIM will come in fourth at 3.7%. It’s probably not what Microsoft had in mind, but considering that iOS and Android have had pretty good head starts, perhaps it might be a while before Windows Phone starts seeing larger numbers. However these predictions probably can’t take into account the fact that RIM’s Blackberry 10 platform and its accompanying devices will launch next year, and assuming it takes off the way RIM has intended, perhaps RIM may very well snatch the third spot from Microsoft. Either way we can’t wait to see, but what do you guys think? Will Microsoft claim third, or do you think RIM’s Blackberry 10 will have what it takes to steal the spotlight?

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