Prior to Android 4.2’s release, many folks were speculating that this could very well be known as Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie to keep up with tradition that required a sweet dessert name to be associated with the next major release of an Android operating system update. Well, unfortunately for pundits and everyone else looking on in interest, version 4.2 of Android retained the Jelly Bean moniker, and hence it is most likely that Android 5.0 will be the candidate to be dubbed Key Lime Pie. The thing is, it can be pretty hard to get a confirmation of that, but Manu Cornet, a Google employee, could have inadvertently made it known to the world in a comic that he posted on his Google+ account, showing off the evolutionary path that the Android green robot is on, shaped in the same way of a human from an ape till today.

It seemed that the Android robot is starting to stand erect from Ice Cream Sandwich onwards, which some say corresponds with the leaps and bounds that Android has taken in the mobile operating system world. What catches the eye is the pie that the robot munches on after Jelly Bean, and it sure as heck does not look like a Motor Oil Sandwich!

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