Apple has just received the best gift this Christmas. And apparently it’s not from Santa. It is, however, coming from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The gift is in the form of a newly-awarded patent for the Micros SIM card. According to the USPTO’s database, Apple’s new patent, patent 8,337,223, relates to “connectors that may allow SIM cards to be easily removed and replaced, may be resistant to damage by an improper insertion of a SIM card, and may provide reliable mechanical performance.”


In the example shown above, a device (100), which could either be an iPhone, an iPad, or a MacBook Pro, can support a Micro SIM (110) via a port (120). A section of the patent description reads, “One example may provide a plunger system where a user can push on a plunger rod and eject a SIM card. Another example may provide contacts that are not damaged by improper insertion of a SIM card. Another example may provide a plastic housing, the housing reinforced by a metallic shield and having a relatively uniform thickness.”

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