We did manage to grab a look at the BlackBerry X10 recently, although those images were blurry to say the least, where the BlackBerry X10 will be part of the upcoming N Series smartphone, but this time around, here we are with more images of this N Series smartphone which boasts of a QWERTY keyboard, sporting far sharper images. I guess the ninja who took the photo had steadier hands, or perhaps, a better window of opportunity beckoned for the camera to make a decent capture?

Other than newer images, no additional details concerning the BlackBerry 10 smartphone have been made public. Previous reports do point towards the idea that this particular N Series smartphone will be known as the BlackBerry X10, and we are perfectly fine with that. How about you? All that is required now would be some bit of patience, as January 30 is still a month away, and there is CES 2013 to look forward to before that.

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