If there is one thing that you seriously need to consider as a compulsory accessory purchase for each new device that you own these days, it would be a protective case – where tablets and smartphones alike are not exempt. Sure, the hardware manufacturer loves to churn out these shiny devices for all and sundry to drool over, but they are hardly the epitome of durability. A protective case not only ensures your device remains in pristine condition for as long as possible, sometimes, they do add on some bit of functionality that would carve a smile on your face. Case in point, the BookBook for iPad mini, which is small enough to accommodate the iPad mini (duh!), coming in a spread of black, brown or red colors, offering leather-clad protection in the process.


It is a snap to peek your iPad mini out of its shell to capture a photo if the situation calls for it, and the entire shebang will cost you $70 a pop. The signature support frame is included so that you will be able to enjoy more natural angles on the iPad mini when typing on its virtual keyboard.

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