I don’t know about you, but virtually everyone I know who spends plenty of time with YouTube over the past few years would have watched the “Charlie bit my finger” viral video, and this has certainly added up over the years. In fact, Charlie bit my finger is the first user generated YouTube video to hit the 500 million views milestone on YouTube, making it the most successful user-generated viral video to date. Of course, you do have some of the more recent hit YouTube videos like Psy’s Gangnam Style, but those were specially packaged to impress, and was scripted and executed accordingly. Not with Charlie though, and when Charlie grows up, you can be sure that he will have some sort of swagger or calling card to help him out in life.

Interestingly enough, the 500 million milestone does cross paths with the launch of the new series, where it will not only feature Harry and Charlie, but also their younger brother Jasper. There are three pilot episodes that have been titled Biting News, King of The Week and Charlie Bites…Toys, respectively. Those videos were produced by Viral Spiral in conjunction with Rightster and are now live just in case you are interested.

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