Rumor has it that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will sport a whopping 6.3” display, which seems to border on tablet size already, making us wonder if Samsung might be getting a bit too enthusiastic over large screen smartphones. However it looks like Huawei might have beaten them to the punch as according to a tweet by Eldar Murtazin, he appears to have attended a Huawei event and he even posted a photo of a Huawei device which he claims measures a whopping 8.5”! Before you think that this is normal sized for a tablet, he claims that this is in reality a smartphone.

We can’t help but think it’s ridiculous for anyone to put such a big device up to their ear – after all not everyone wants to wear a Bluetooth headset all day, or carry one with them all the time either. To give it some perspective, the iPad mini features a display size of 7.9”, so if you’ve held one or seen one in real life, imagine putting that to your ear, only 0.6” bigger. We’re not sure if this photo has been faked because he seems to be holding it rather weirdly, or maybe he’s holding it from the security pegs they usually place on phones during events. Either way we’re not sure when Huawei will be launching said device, but what do you guys think?

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