When I visit a zoo or anywhere else animals are the main attraction, I can’t help but to snap a few photos to later view and remind myself of my recent visit. One thing I don’t do is have my phone so close to an animal that they can snatch it out of my hand and eat it, which is exactly what happened to the Chinese tourist in the following video.

The video follows two Chinese tourists as they visit an elephant park in Thailand. One tourist can be seen feeding one of the elephants by hand, while the other holds her iPhone up in order to get a shot of the elephant-feeding action. The elephant can then be seen snagging the iPhone up and proceeds to eat it, which makes sense seeing as there’s an Apple logo on the back of the device.

The rest of the video I’ll leave for you to watch, but let’s just say, the woman goes through the process of retrieving her eaten iPhone and it’s not how most people would want to spend their afternoon in an elephant park.

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