Facebook, the world’s most popular social network, has just announced that they will be doing the general public a great service when the clock strikes 12 this December 31st, as we bid goodbye to this year, and usher in 2013 – so much for the world ending on December 21st, eh? Well, Facebook’s upcoming feature via the ‘Stories’ application will enable users to send a personalized special greeting to select friends at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve. Touted to be a ‘Midnight Message Delivery’ system, it is said to guarantee a holiday greeting to friends who are on your “nice” list.

Guaranteed delivery is definitely something that we love to hear, considering how during holidays such as Christmas and New Year, the mobile phone networks tend to get jammed as millions and millions of people overload the network, trying to send a message out to their loved ones simultaneously. Oh yeah, and since it is free, why not, no?

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