The humble Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card that every single mobile phone out there (whether smart or otherwise, and it does not matter if it is standard sized, micro or nano), has just achieved a functionality that could very well prove to be the path of future. Mobile security juggernaut Gemalto has managed to achieve another milestone by merging NFC functionality into the SIM card itself. Known as the UpTeq NFC SIM, it is the first card of its kind which will find its way into your smartphone, and yet will carry all three major payment networks certification when it comes to mobile buying and selling purposes.

This particular mobile payment SIM will be able to authorize purchases using Visa’s huge payWave network, MasterCard’s PayPass, and AMEX. Right now, we do know that Orange France is making use of this top-shelf SIM card module, and it will be able to allow other carriers to include more certifications to it in due time. Do you think that this is the SIM card of the future?

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