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Future Apple & Samsung Phones May Drop Physical SIM Cards
For the most part when you sign with a carrier, you will be given a SIM card to insert into your phone. Basically this allows you to use your phone on the carrier’s network. However it seems that according to a report from the Financial Times (subscription required; via Cult of Android), future Apple and Samsung devices could bid goodbye to SIM cards.The report claims that both companies are in […]

Apple's New iPads Offer Carrier Flexibility With A Special SIM Card
Earlier today Apple unveiled their new iPads, and as expected Apple will offer models with just WiFi or WiFi with cellular connectivity. The latter means that you will need to purchase a SIM card in order for you to access mobile internet in the event that WiFi is unavailable and you need to get online.Well interestingly enough, it seems that the cellular versions of the new iPads will be sold […]

France Offers Phone Contract Via Vending Machines
Ah, France, the land where your boss is no longer allowed to contact you by email once you have clocked out from the office. Of course, a whole lot of that remains as theory, as enforcing it is going to be a whole lot trickier than expected. While Japan is the country with the highest number of vending machines per capita, this does not mean that other countries, too, are […]

Apple’s Magnetically Secured SIM Tray Spotted In Patent Application
Patents can be said to be the new “currency” that companies hold in terms of bargaining power, and Apple as a company certainly owns their fair share of patents. In a recently spotted patent application by Cupertino, it seemed that they are working on a new mechanism that would do away with the need for a SIM ejector tool. Assuming that were to be implemented on a mass scale, that […]


Moscow Metro Stations Could See SIM Card Snooping Machines Installed
Just how much of your privacy do you value? If you are still part of the dinosaur generation who relies on pencil and paper, and perhaps a pager, then you would not have to worry about the Moscow Metro Police head’s most recent reveal, touting that there will be special devices that will be installed at metro stations. These special devices are capable of reading information on your smartphone’s SIM […]

Paper Nano-SIM Cards Do Their Bit For The Environment
We are not called consumers for nothing, and this is not a flattering description of humanity. Whenever we consume stuff, there is waste generated, and it goes without saying that all the waste will need to go somewhere, much of the time the process of breaking down such waste releasing toxic chemicals to the environment that are detrimental to our health, both in the short and long term. Just as […]

Gemalto Merges NFC Function In SIM Card
The humble Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card that every single mobile phone out there (whether smart or otherwise, and it does not matter if it is standard sized, micro or nano), has just achieved a functionality that could very well prove to be the path of future. Mobile security juggernaut Gemalto has managed to achieve another milestone by merging NFC functionality into the SIM card itself. Known as the UpTeq […]

T-Mobile SIM Card Adapter
T-Mobile has a pretty handy gift for those of you who are wondering what to get your geeky friend this Christmas without breaking the bank – where it comes in the form of the T-Mobile SIM card adapter. After all, SIM cards don’t just come in one size these days, as we have the microSIM to contend with, and it is a good thing the T-Mobile SIM card adapter costs […]

iPhone 5 nano-SIM tray and home button spotted?
The iPhone 4S and its micro SIM card certainly did introduce its fair share of frustrations to smartphone owners, as they had to go to a nearby mobile phone shop to get existing SIM cards cut out to fit the new handset from Cupertino, or to purchase a brand new micro SIM card (for unlocked phones, of course) altogether. Well, there seems to be a new standard for SIM cards […]

SimQuest to release open-incision surgical simulator
While they say practice makes perfect but in the realm of surgery, you don’t really have a lot to practice with. What surgeons in training have to practice on right now are live patients or animals, and usually living things are not subjects you want to practice your craft on. That is all about to change. SimQuest has announced that they will be releasing the world’s first open-incision surgical sim. […]

Gevey SIM unlocks your precious iPhone 4
For those who cannot wait to install a software update and has decided to proceed on their iPhone 4 to make the jump to iOS 4.2.1 or above, you would most probably have realized that no unlocking software is currently available for the accompanying basebands. While everyone waits for the Dev-Team to roll out their very own house remedy, Gevey has decided to roll out a $70 imposter SIM that […]

Gemalto squeezes Facebook into a SIM card
Gemalto has come up with a novel way for mobile users to get access to Facebook. The company has managed to get Facebook running on a SIM chip, allowing every GSM phone to access Facebook, even if it’s the most basic phone. It’s a SIM-based client that uses the GSM SIM Toolkit and Class 2 SMS messages, so don’t expect any fancy features, but basic Facebook features such as status […]

Apple's Integrated-SIM iPhone Ditched?
There isn’t any official confirmation on this just yet, so it’s best to take it with a pinch of salt. Reports are going around that Apple has ditched its plans to develop an integrated SIM card for the iPhone. It was previously speculated that Apple was considering such a move to be able to exclude carriers from the sale process, allowing customers to easily transfer their service from one carrier […]

T-Mobile USA Customers Being Shipped Micro SIMs, Possibly For Future iPhone?
We’ve had plenty of T-Mobile iPhone rumors going around recently, especially since T-Mobile decided to begin offering iPhone cables. Now some T-Mobile USA customers are noticing that they’ve been shipped Micro SIMs instead of the typical Mini SIMs, with one such card pictured above. The prominent devices that use the Micro SIM at the moment are Apple’s iPad and iPhone 4, though whispers are going around that the Micro SIMs […]