Television remotes back in the day pretty much were good for a couple of things, such as changing channels, increasing volume, and adjusting the colors/brightness. However with smart TVs coming into play these days, the controls that come with them now play a larger role, allowing the user more control over their television apart from your typical channel surfing and volume adjustment. That being said, the folks at LG have recently announced that they have redesigned their Magic Remote for their CINEMA 3D Smart TV lineup, the highlight of which is its advanced voice control technology.

As the name has probably given it away, it seems that with these redesigned remotes, users will be able to control their television simply by speaking into the remote, whereby the device will be able to pick up on voice commands and use it to execute certain tasks. According to LG, this redesigned remote comes with new natural language recognition software, allowing the users to speak to the remote in a more conversational style, claiming that there is no longer need for awkward pauses between the command and the title. Apart from that, LG also revealed that these new remotes have had commonly used buttons “thoughtfully repositioned”, resulting in what they are calling a more “natural and enjoyable user experience”.

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