Who would have thought that a game which came out 40 plus years ago would still inspire folks four decades down the road later? Well, Pong proved to be quite a hit with its simple premise all those years back, and here we are with an augmented reality version to celebrate Pong’s 40th anniversary in style. Sander Veerhof from the Netherlands managed to churn out an augmented reality version that was constructed from ground up as a Layar plugin.

You will not find yourself batting the ball across a static screen right in front of you though, as the scope has become a whole lot wider. Just how wide, you ask? Well, we are looking at globally. Yes, that is right, you get to now “Pong” your way across continents, and it is safe to assume that anyone who has made their way online recently is fair game. The camera’s field of view provides a sense of where opponents reside in real life, and the games will be slower paced than before, but at least it rolls back the years with more than just a tinge of nostalgia.

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