The much anticipated Microsoft HoloLens 2 is finally here. You can purchase one for $3500 per device.

In the official announcement, Microsoft mentions that it was really challenging to make the device user-friendly. But, their ultimate aim was to make it easy to use, so that the customer does not need a special manual to use it every time.

The AR headset uses AI with the help of sensors to displace space and time.

The core functionality of the AR headset is being enhanced by the use of Artificial Intelligence. When the mixed reality is delivered with the help of A.I, a lot of things come to action.

You can watch the video below to get an idea:

The AI models were developed, trained, and deployed onto the device so that it can accurately detect the hand motion. With this, they can easily interact with the hologram, resize it or reposition it.

Cloud-powered computing through Azure services introduces a ‘Cloud Collaboration’ ability which makes it easy to share information with others.

If you want to get the device, it would cost you $3500. However, if you want the Dynamic 365 Remote assist, it will cost you an additional $125/month. For the development edition, you need to join the developer program to stay updated on the availability of pre-orders.

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