Form Swim Goggles With AR Display Review

As a casual swimmer, I was excited when trying the Form Swim Goggles with AR display for the first time – out of the water- during a meeting with Form’s founder Dan Eisenhardt and Olympian swimmer Scott Dickens, who is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Form. It is the first wearable device that allows users to track their key swimming stats in real-time, without stopping to look at their […]

Leap Motion Looks To Orion Debut Soon

Leap Motion figured out that the future will see virtual as well as augmented reality software and hardware take centre stage – and hence, they do not intend to miss out on this particular bandwagon. Called Orion, their latest program intends to improve natural hand and finger input when it comes to simulated scenarios. This software will still be in the beta format, and is already available for developers today […]

Hyundai Reveals AR User’s Manual

[CES 2016] While we do know that cars are getting more and more connected in this day and age, there seems to be a particular segment of car ownership that seems to be constantly overlooked – and that would be the owner’s manual. Hyundai has decided to spice things up a bit by offering the Hyundai Virtual Guide which offers a convenient and simple method of being familiar with your […]

ORA-X the AR Headphones with Heads Up Display

We saw the ORA-X as a concept device at CES 2015, and we were excited to see a working prototype and a demo by CTO Khaled Sarayeddine a few days ago.Optinvent, the company behind the ORA-X AR Headphones have been working on smart glasses for a long time, and they really know what they are doing when it comes to wearable transparent display.As Google quit on their Glass for consumers, […]


HoloLens Demo Impresses [Microsoft Build 2015]

HoloLens has been making quite a bit of noise ever since it was first shown back in January. It is supposed to bring “hologram technology” to the masses as a stand-alone device, which can also work with a PC or Xbox one day.What’s new today is that we had new demos of the technology, and for its Build conference, Microsoft rigged a camera that can simulate what a HoloLens user […]

Metaio Augmented Reality Technology Results In Interactive Catalog

Metaio is no stranger when it comes to augmented reality technology, and their particular expertise in this field has led them to come up with an interactive catalog – one which is very different from what we have seen in the past. In fact, their latest endeavors would see the creation of a universal scanner, not to mention what has been deemed to be the largest interactive catalog to date […]

DAQRI Hardhat 2.0 Smart Helmet

When it comes to wearable technology, we are pretty well versed with the different kinds of devices, ranging from smartwatches (Moto 360, anyone?) to smart glasses. How about the smart helmet? This is what the DAQRI Hardhat 2.0 smart helmet is all about, being one of the more recent Android-powered wearables that have emerged lately. Thanks to DAQRI, the Hardhat 2.0 will come with a visor, cameras and sensors, and […]

DRAKERZ-Confrontation Is Augmented Reality Trading Card PC Game

When it comes to the world of gaming, there are many different options out there that is set to tantalize the discerning gamer. If you have been itching for what many deem to be the next step, or evolution in the world of gaming, then you would most probably be interested to check out DRAKERZ-Confrontation, the first augmented reality (AR) trading card game on the PC platform, which has just […]

Metaio Unveils 6D Augmented Reality Holodeck To Developers

Metaio one of the leaders in augmented reality technology, that powers a current community of over 100,000 developers, has released its own 6D Augmented Reality Holodeck. Now our Startrek dream technology can become reality!The 6D Holodeck allows users to move around a tablet and see a virtual world in the display in place of the real room they are navigating. I have seen a similar demo last week in a […]

Augmented Reality Increase Realism Of Medical Mannequins

The world of Augmented Reality (AR) has certainly seen its fair share of advancements, where life is supposed to be made more exciting, not to mention ‘enhanced’ when interacting with the elements of AR. Well, it seems that the medical world too, has not been able to escape the clutches of augmented reality, as such medical mannequins used during training are ‘brought to life’ with emotions to boot.

iOptik From Innovega Is An Augmented Reality Contact Lens

[CES 2014] Augmented Reality, or AR for short, is a new kind of technology that does seem as though it is starting to gain traction among the masses right now as well as in the immediate future. This is for sure, and we have also seen gains and advancements made in this sector of technology. Innovega intends to impress (and I am quite sure that they will) with the introduction […]

Pioneer ND-HUD10 Augmented Reality Heads Up Display

[CEATEC 2013] More and more companies are about to dive into the world of heads up displays, and for good reason, too. The basic and underlying idea of such heads up displays (HUDs for short) would be the make driving safer as it offers you additional information in front of your eyes without requiring you to shift your gaze away from the road that is right ahead. Needless to say, […]

Interactive Augmented Reality Manual By Metaio And Audi

Both Metaio and Audi have worked together to deliver something which will definitely appeal to modern day drivers who want nothing but the most up to date technology around them – an interactive augmented reality manual, now how about that? Metaio happens to be a world leader in augmented reality (AR) software and solutions, while Audi – ‘nuff said. Both of them has just announced the release of the Audi […]

Apple Awarded New Augmented Reality Patent

Apple has been awarded a new augmented reality patent. The technology is for mobile and other devices which can overly information about objects to which the device is pointed towards. The patent is called Synchronized, interactive augmented reality displays for multifunction devices, it is basically about a technology that captures live video feed, displays it on a device and then overlays information about objects in that feed. The technology can […]