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Pong Debuts On Apple Watch
The Apple Watch is definitely a device that has become a mainstay on many peoples’ wrists, although it is nt quite the runaway hit that Apple had hoped for. Well, while it does a pretty good job in answering texts as well as handling incoming calls, not to mention keep you up to speed with important notifications, it is not the most ideal gaming platform due to the small screen […]

World Video Game Hall Of Fame Has Its First Six Titles
There are hall of fames for everything, like rock music, sports players, food, so why not video games, right? Well if you’re wondering what kind of titles would make the cut as far as video games are concerned, The Strong’s World Video Game Hall of Fame has recently announced its first six inductees.If you’ve been playing video games for a while, chances are you won’t be surprised at some of […]

Video Game Hall Of Fame Gets New Inductees
A Hall of Fame is not going to be very popular if the list of inductees are not revised from time to time, don’t you think so? After all, it would be nice to see such a list expand based on the season as well as circumstances, and here we are with something that is rather uplifting news as we approach the end of the week – a couple of […]

Robot Arm Plays Pong With Aplomb
[CES 2015] Would you prefer to face a robot apocalypse, or to have the world overrun with zombies? I think the latter would be a whole lot manageable – after all, robots are ruthlessly efficient, and more importantly, they happen to have the kind of intelligence to wipe us out systematically – which is something that zombies do not have. Oh yes, one more thing – waiting for a robot […]


Balle de Match Giant Pong Duel Spotted In France
We have seen some projects in the past that are on the Kaiju scale (although those would be Category 1 Kaijus, I presume) – such as this Philadelphia building that played a role as a Pong screen, and here we are with Balle de Match, which happens to be a giant pong duel that will be projected in Nantes, France. This particular Balle de Match project is the brainchild of […]

The Gold Reveal Is A Beautiful Phone Case That Will Help Deflect Radiation
We’ve all heard the stories and read the reports where it has been suggested that the radiation given off by our phones is harmful for our brains. We’ve also come across reports which has suggested that the radiation emitted from our phones is not strong enough to be harmful, but either way if you’d like to stay on the safe side, the folks at Pong and Ideo have teamed up […]

Pong Played On Philadelphia Skyscraper
Over the weekend, a Philadelphia skyscraper has ended up as being the world’s largest video game, where this is made possible thanks to a Drexel University professor who decided to make use of the building’s gigantic lights in order to display a working version of Pong. This video game did seem to be playable on the side of the 29-story Cira Centre building in Philadelphia, and it certainly proved to […]

Philadelphia Building Acts As Pong Screen
So, you think that you are pretty fly with your spanking new 80” HDTV in your living room? Just before you go bragging that you have the largest gaming display in your neighborhood, you might want to swallow that pride and check out the Cira Center in Philadelphia. This 29-story skyscraper will be more than a building when this coming April 19th rolls around, where on that day and April […]

Pong Augmented Reality Version Celebrates 40th Anniversary In Style
Who would have thought that a game which came out 40 plus years ago would still inspire folks four decades down the road later? Well, Pong proved to be quite a hit with its simple premise all those years back, and here we are with an augmented reality version to celebrate Pong’s 40th anniversary in style. Sander Veerhof from the Netherlands managed to churn out an augmented reality version that […]

RetroBall super Pong table
Have you ever played with Pong before, or at least an iteration of the bat-and-ball game in the past? Well, thanks to this Kickstarter idea known as RetroBall super Pong table, it boasts of a similar concept to Pong, although it allows up to 4 players to participate, and the action gets all haywire with up to 5 balls on the screen – simultaneously. Even better is the fact that […]

Pong iPad case is touted to be the most advanced of its kind in the world
Hmmm, a Pong iPad case? This has absolutely nothing to do with the iconic video game that is older than all the teens these days, but rather, it functions as an iPad case that carries the boast of improving reception, boosts signal strength and increases range all the while ensuring that your exposure to radiation is reduced. Sounds as though this is the only iPad case that you will ever […]

Atari Pong reboot contest does not endear
Reboots are rather common – we see it in movies as well as video games, but somehow or rather, some things are not meant to be revisited – the memory of the game should be preserved as it was. Atari recently announced a new $100,000 Pong design contest, and it seems that the rules of the contest has riled the feathers of those would-be participants. Apparently, all rights to any […]

Pong and augmented reality married, spawns Ping!
What happens when you bring the old, nay, ancient together with the new? Well, you get something that is far out, of course! Remember Pong back in the day, when you controlled a paddle just to deflect an incoming ball back at your opponent? Such a simple premise, and yet it held your attention for hours on end. Fast forward to today and you have augmented reality technology seeping into […]

Play Pong With HTML5 And Flash At The Same Time
We already know that Apple isn’t too happy about the idea of Flash on iOS devices, and there are plenty of HTML5 vs Adobe Flash battles being fought out there too. We don’t expect to see a clear winner anytime soon, but the folks over at Code Computerlove have come up with a simple game to illustrate a point that both technologies can survive on the Internet without having to […]