Redbox Instant is just peeking out from the corner – can you see it? Touted to arrive sometime early next year, Redbox Instant is tipped to cost approximately $8 a pop. So far, Redbox has already announced the pricing for its disc + streaming package earlier this morning at the mentioned price point, delivering unlimited streaming to you in exchange. That is not all though, as you will also be able to enjoy access to a quartet of free one-night disc rentals at any Redbox kiosk, which runs at $9 monthly if you want to rely on Blu-ray releases instead.

Just what kind of disruption in the market does Redbox Instant want to deliver? For starters, they intend to undermine Netflix, which is video streaming’s 800lbs gorilla, through the simple (and sometimes effective) strategy of offering more for the same amount. For instance, Netflix’s base streaming-only package will kick off also at $8, but Redbox Instant delivers another four disc rentals.

The Redbox Instant will also be making its way toward Samsung-manufactured Blu-ray players and SmartHub TVs, while select LG Blu-ray players and Smart TVs are also not left out of the picture.

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