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Redbox Reportedly Developing Video Streaming Service Again
While people still use DVDs to watch movies it goes without saying that the future of content consumption is linked with streaming. Hundreds of millions of people have already picked streaming as the delivery method of choice for their favorite content and it’s only going to grow as studios eventually favor quick releases on streaming services. That’s why it’s understandable that Redbox would want to limit it reliance on DVD […]

Redbox Rental Prices Are Being Increased
Given the increasing popularity of online content stores, services like Redbox have to be aggressive about their pricing so as to bring in customers. For them it should be cheaper to bring home a DVD or Blu-ray than it would be to rent the same movie via any online service like iTunes. Even though Redbox rental prices are going to be increased in the very near future the service will remain […]

Redbox Instant By Verizon Unveiled
Redbox Instant by Verizon happens to be a special kind of joint venture between two market leaders in their respective fields, and plans have been unveiled concerning its upcoming service as well as announced agreements with Hollywood studios alongside device manufacturers which ought to see thousands of popular movies to consumers at home in addition to those who are on the go.

Redbox To Uninstall 500 Movie Rental Kiosks This Year
Redbox enjoyed a strong period of growth given the fact that customers preferred this movie rental service due to the convenience it offers as well as its low prices. Over the past few years the company has installed more than 40,000 DVD rental kiosks in major retailers, 7-Eleven’s and grocery stores. With growth expected to remain flat throughout 2014 Redbox’s parent company Outerwall Inc. has announced that over 500 kiosks will be […]


Redbox May Offer PS4, Xbox One And Wii U Rentals Soon
This won’t be the first time that Redbox will offer video game rentals. The company has done this before, but if a recent report is correct, it may be the first time that Redbox offers titles from next generation gaming consoles. The rental company is expected to offer titles for Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and the Nintendo Wii U over the next couple of weeks.

Redbox Instant Playlist Theme On PS4 Undergoes Vote
Redbox noticed that the PlayStation community proved to be one of the most engaged groups of movie fans that they have come across ever since the Redbox Instant by Verizon app was launched on both the PS3 and the PS4 sometime in late 2013. The company is all heart, and in gratitude and appreciation to the supportive PlayStation community, they hope to ensure that viewers would always receive the best […]

Redbox Instant On iPhone Now Supports AirPlay Streaming
Redbox Instant was launched by Redbox earlier this year with Verizon, where it is being touted to be a competitor to another video streaming solution from Netflix. Well, what is the whole point of having a particular piece of software or app if it were not to receive updates along the way to be better and more efficient? Good to know that Redbox has already introduced a new update for […]

LG Smart TVs Support Redbox Instant Starting Today
Redbox Instant was made available to the public this past March and since then, the service has found itself on a small number of set-top-boxes and Smart TVs, it has yet to be as widely accepted as Netflix has been. Today, Redbox is announcing it has partnered with LG’s Smart TV platform to allow Redbox Instant customers to view the service on Smart TVs starting today.A total of 40 LG Smart […]

Redbox Instant Now Available To The Public
Earlier this year, Redbox announced it would be launching its Redbox Instant out of beta by March of this year. It looks as though the company is sticking to their word as Redbox is announcing it officially is launching its Redbox Instant service out to beta to allow online video streaming to the public.Before you Redbox users go off and sign up for their Redbox Instant service, you should know what […]

Redbox Instant Teams Up With Xbox 360 To Provide Exclusive Application
The beta for Redbox Instant was launched this past December and is expected to launch out of beta by March 2013, and today we’re hearing of one of the first partners to offer the video-streaming service on their platform.Microsoft is announcing today they will be making a Redbox Instant application available exclusively on the Xbox 360 in the very near future. Redbox Instant beta participants will be able to get their […]

Redbox Instant Priced
Redbox Instant is just peeking out from the corner – can you see it? Touted to arrive sometime early next year, Redbox Instant is tipped to cost approximately $8 a pop. So far, Redbox has already announced the pricing for its disc + streaming package earlier this morning at the mentioned price point, delivering unlimited streaming to you in exchange. That is not all though, as you will also be […]

Redbox Instant Details Leaked
Earlier this year, we mentioned that Verizon and Redbox are working on a new video service that could possibly rival Netflix. Well, after Verizon and Redbox announced its official name in July, we’re finally beginning to learn more about Redbox Instant. According to GigaOM, who managed to acquire details of the service, Redbox Instant subscriptions will start around $6 per month while VOD rentals and sales of newer titles is set at […]

Verizon and Redbox details new video streaming service
In February this year, we said that Verizon and Redbox were teaming up to release a new video service that could rival Netflix. We also said that the yet to be announced service will be introduced sometime in the second half of this year. But it looks like the time is ripe for Verizon to unveil the said service. Finally it’s got a name – Redbox Instant.And the service has […]

Redbox kickstart video game rentals in kiosks
Apart from watching your favorite sitcom on the TV back home, what else do you do with the idiot box? OK, so I might get some flak from this as TVs these days are deemed to be ‘smart’, so it could be insulting to some for me to call it the idiot box. You know what they say, a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, but […]