In what was supposed to be a celebration that saw Samsung introduce the ChatON update for their range of Android-powered smartphones turned out to be a bummer of sorts, as the update more or less screwed up ChatON. In other words, users are unable to have it synchronize because of some sort of network error, and hopefully, Samsung will be able to sort this particular mess out within the shortest time possible.

Basically, the ChatON app is Samsung’s multi-platform messenger solution, and you will be able to download it from the Google Play Store or via Samsung Apps. It is said that one of the biggest improvements in this particular update would be the ability to synchronize with the Samsung account. Just how does that work? Well, users with the same Samsung account will be able to locate all of the chats and buddy list synchronized with up to 5 different connected devices, in addition to having improvements made to My Page, not to mention being able to send multiple images simultaneously, amongst others.

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