Samsung has had their fair share of coverage on flexible displays in the past, and this time around, it is no different. It is a good thing that we are not talking about mass production of flexible AMOLED displays being delayed, but rather, the BBC claims that Samsung is more than ready to begin shipping their first batch of devices to the market sometime before the first half of 2013 is over. In fact, Samsung intends to take the lead where flexible displays are concerned, with LG, Philips, Sharp, Sony and Nokia also working on their own versions of the flexible display. If flexible displays become wildly popular at the right kind of performance and price, we might also see Apple’s iPhone or some sort of Apple device take part in the flexible display madness, although it does not seem as though Cupertino would cozy up to Samsung for their supply.

What kind of application do you think flexible displays would do best in this day and age where consumer electronics are concerned? Perhaps a portable gaming console or a tablet for kids with a flexible display would be the next big thing in the market, who knows?

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