Now here is a pair of speakers that would definitely change the way you look at audio playback – this speaker concept will more or less put sound on your feet, where it could eventually turn you into a mobile DJ. Thanks to New York studio Ray Kingston Inc., the Sneaker Speaker is actually a Bluetooth-enabled pair of speakers which are connected to the sneakers. The speakers will run on two 9-volt batteries – one each of course, and feature 3.5mm stereo inputs which allows you to control it directly from your smartphone. One thing’s for sure though, this would not be the best smelling speakers in town after a while, don’t you think so?

No idea on whether this particular concept design will be offered as a commercial product or not. It is not that practical, either, but I guess there might be some use for it – when you are at the poolside and want to keep your non-swimming family members and friends entertained while you take a plunge and swim your heart out. It would be cooler if there were some funky LED lights attached to the Sneaker Speaker for that added touch of retro.

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