With today’s society, we’re sure that most parents will be appalled by the things their teens say when they text their friends, what with all the abbreviations, acronyms and swearing involved. While it is debatable as to whether it is right to invade the privacy of your teen, the South Korean government is hoping to do that for parents by installing software on the smartphones of teenagers that will block “illegal” and “harmful” information which includes swear words, slang and access to internet pornography. We’re not sure how exactly this will work out and how this software will be installed, but it definitely sounds like an interesting plan.


South Korea has been known for taking rather proactive steps when it comes to their youths, implementing curfews for gaming, such as the banning of gaming after midnight for underaged gamers, as well as curbing the number of consecutive hours underaged gamers are allowed to play online games. The government is hoping that with all of this, young children will learn to do more “positive” things that don’t necessarily involve staying at home glued to the computer screen for long hours.

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