korea-gamingBeing good at computer games is a skill/talent that most parents will not be able to understand. After all we’re sure most parents have some kind of idea of what kind of life we should lead and what kind of career path we should take, and professional gaming is probably not on the list of many parents.

However over in South Korea, it seems that parents might start to reconsider their stance, especially since being skilled at computer gaming and playing games that are part of eSports, could land their child in one of South Korea’s top universities.

According to a report from PGR21, it seems that one of South Korea’s universities, Chung-Ang University (one of South Korea’s top 10 universities), will begin accepting eSports applicants starting from next year, and those students who have been accepted will be able to apply for the university’s Department of Sport Science.

As it stands the department plays home to more traditional sports, such as soccer, basketball, baseball, golf, bowling, and so on, but next year onwards those who play video games competitively will be able to apply using their credentials as well.

Of course there will be other factors that determines an applicant’s entrance to the university, but for those who don’t participate in more traditional sports, they can rest assured that their computer gaming skills won’t be a complete waste should they choose to pursue a degree. How about that?

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