Back in October, it was reported that the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency would be switching from Blackberry devices to the iPhone, with the agency claiming that RIM was no longer able to meet their mobile technology needs, hence the switch. While that may or may not be true for the current Blackberry platform, perhaps RIM’s upcoming Blackberry 10 platform might be able to fulfill ICE’s needs.

According to RIM, they have announced that they will be beginning a pilot program with ICE for their Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 management system, accompanied by Blackberry 10 devices in early 2013 (presumably with the L-series). Interestingly it seems that the despite ICE being so quick to ditch RIM in favor of the iPhone, RIM’s press release has indicated that ICE is actually among the first government organizations that will be piloting RIM’s Blackberry 10 solution. Given all that we know so far and what we’ve seen from the L-series, we can definitely see the appeal, although we’ll probably need to try it out for ourselves to give you guys a better idea.

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