Western Digital, a name that is instantly associated with storage space – portable or otherwise, is back with a proud new addition to the family. We are not talking about its 4TB hard drives, as those are already old hat by the time the news hit the wires, but rather, the latest device in their wide array of devices would be the My Book Live Duo, a dual-drive RAID box which offers a higher degree of peace of mind concerning the data that you stash away. Right at the top of the pile sits an 8TB version that will burn a $660 hole in your pocket, but assuming you are working on a slightly tighter budget, there is always a 6TB unit that will cost $440, with the 4TB model retailing for $375 a pop.

Just to get a better idea on what the My Book Live Duo comes with, it holds a couple of user-serviceable 3.5-inch hard drives and supports RAID 1 and RAID 0 configurations to boot. The 8TB model will come only in the RAID 0 setup, which is extremely speedy, albeit it lacks redundancy. Decisions, decisions. [Product Page]

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