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Western Digital Unveils New ‘My Passport’ SSDs
External drives aren’t new and are useful if you move around a lot and need to offload data. This is especially true for creators like graphic artists, photographers, and video editors. If you are looking for a new external storage solution, then you might want to check out Western Digital’s new My Passport SSDs.

SanDisk Shows Off An 8TB SSD Prototype
For quite a while, one of the reasons why HDDs were favored over SSDs is due to storage size limitations. This is because in the early days of the SSD, they were considerably smaller compared to HDDs, making them less than ideal if you have a lot of files. Plus, the prices of SSDs back then were also considerably higher.

SanDisk iXPAND Wireless Charger + Automated Backups
Wireless chargers are typically not an exciting topic to cover as they differ only in maximum charging Wattage and price. However, WesternDigital/Sandisk have found the intersection between charging and backups, and this could save your data without requiring any effort.

Western Digital Black SSDs Will Be Available With An Optional Heatsink
Western Digital’s Black series of performance-focused SSDs have been quite popular and the company is now shipping the latest iteration of this series. It’s evidently tilting the brand towards gamers which is in line with the trend of premium PC hardware being branded as essential for gamers. The WD Black SN750 SSDs are available now and will soon be available with an optional heatsink as well.


Western Digital Unveils 4K Ready NVME Gaming SSD
It is fair to say that pretty much any computer hardware can be used to game on, it’s just a matter of whether or not it is optimized for performance. For example while not necessarily ideal for gaming, integrated GPUs can be used for certain games for those who aren’t too concerned about graphics and frame rates.

Western Digital Announces World's First 14TB Hard Drive
Storage capacities have increased significantly over the past few years as prices have come down and the technology has advanced. We’ve still not hit the peak as yet. Western Digital has now announced what it calls the world’s first 14TB hard drive. Yes, you get 14 terabytes of storage in a single hard drive, called the HGST Ultrastar Hs14. Rolls off the tongue pretty nicely, doesn’t it?

Nintendo & Western Digital Team Up For Licensed Switch SD Cards
The Nintendo Switch uses microSD cards to expand on its memory, which is assuming you will use it if you plan on going full digital with your game purchases versus purchasing them in their cartridge form. If you do, then you know that there are various microSD cards out there that you can use, which can be a bit confusing as to which might be “best” or most suitable.

SanDisk Unveils A 400GB microSD Card
#IFA2017 – Back in the day, memory cards could not store much data on them, and those that did were pretty damn expensive. Fast forward to today and it’s a different story where we can buy microSD cards with a few gigabytes for pretty cheap, although it looks like the folks at Western Digital are pushing the envelope with their latest offering.

My Book Duo Is Western Digital's 20TB Desktop Storage System
Western Digital today announced the launch of its highest capacity external desktop storage system called the My Book Duo. It offers 20TB of storage to help users keep up with their growing content requirements. My Book Duo brings both extreme capacity and fast transfer speeds. The RAID storage system can quickly back up enormous amounts of photos, videos, music, and documents in one place while keeping users in full control […]

New Western Digital SSDs Offer More Capacity And Speed
Western Digital today announced the launch of two new SSD lineups. It’s not surprising even though Western Digital is best known for its hard drives. That’s because the company acquired SanDisk for $19 billion last year, and SanDisk has quite a lot of experience in making SSDs. The two lineups are branded under Western Digital and SanDisk each and are the first SSDs to be based on SanDisk’s 64 layer […]

Western Digital Begins Shipping A 12TB Hard Drive
Back in the day, the idea of a hard drive storing 1TB worth of data was enough to make eye pop out of heads. However 1TB these days has become the norm, and given how movies and games are starting to be offered at 4K resolution, 1TB is starting to feel a little restrictive, but not to worry because it looks like Western Digital has a 12TB hard drive for […]

Western Digital Announces USB-C G-Drives
Portable SSDs aren’t new, but just the other day Western Digital launched their first portable SSD with USB-C. Given that more computer makers are expected to eventually adopt USB-C in the future, it represented an option for customers who own USB-C laptops or for those who want to futureproof themselves.

Western Digital Launches Its First Portable SSD
If you’ve ever bought a hard drive you might have come across Western Digital. Its My Passport lineup of external hard drives is quite popular in part due to their affordability and reliability. Interestingly, the company hasn’t been in a rush to come out with a portable solid state drive, the storage solution preferred by those who are willing to spend more money for better performance. It’s rectifying that today.

Western Digital Unveils New WD Blue & Green SSDs
Back in the day it used to cost an arm and a leg to own an SSD. However fast forward to today, SSDs are a lot more affordable. Granted they still aren’t exactly cheap, but they’re definitely more accessible than they were back then. Now if you’re looking to outfit your computer with a new SSD, Western Digital has two new options for you.

SanDisk Launches World's Fastest 256GB MicroSD Card
Western Digital, SanDisk’s parent company, today announced the launch of what it claims to be the world’s fastest 256GB microSD card. The intended purpose of this microSD card is recording and saving 4K footage from smartphones, drones, action cameras, and similar products. It has got enough storage onboard to tackle all of that, and then some.

Western Digital Launches My Passport Wireless Pro Hard Drive
Many of us want to have the ability to store and carry large amounts of content with us, and to have the ability to access that content on the go. There are countless solutions available for this and now Western Digital has come out with one more. It’s actually the successor to the My Passport Wireless hard drive it released two years ago. Western Digital has launched its new My […]

Western Digital To Acquire Sandisk For $19 Billion
When it comes to storage technology, we have companies like Western Digital, Seagate, and Sandisk just to name a few. Now Sandisk is a slightly different beast from Western Digital as the company is more known for their memory cards than hard drives. However it looks like the memory market just got smaller as Western Digital has announced their plans to acquire Sandisk for a whopping $19 billion.

WD Unveils 1TB My Passport Cinema Hard Drive For 4K Movies
If you have a brand new 4K television and you’re looking to make the most of it by watching 4K movies, then you might be interested in Western Digital’s new 1TB My Passport Cinema. Given that Ultra HD Blu-ray discs have yet to debut, one of the best ways to consume 4K content is by either streaming it or downloading it.With the My Passport Cinema, you will now have a […]

My Passport X Portable Hard Drive Targets Gamers
Gamers are a discerning bunch, especially when it comes to the kind of hardware that they use. Having said that, Western Digital has just announced the My Passport X portable hard drive which will target gamers, and them being a very demanding market, you can be sure that the My Passport X is no slouch when it comes to performance. In fact, the My Passport X, when connected to the […]

Western Digital Unveils Affordable 6TB Red & Green Hard Drives
If you’re the sort that needs a lot of storage and you’d rather just buy one big hard drive as opposed to multiple hard drives, then you might be pleased to learn that Western Digital has begun shipping two new 6TB hard drives. Now we know what you’re thinking, 6TB is going to be expensive, and normally you would be right, except that in this case they’re not.Western Digital has […]