One of the reasons why Wikipedia is so successful is that it relies largely on user contributions. This allowed the platform to grow and populate with all manner of articles and content. However, the problem is that sometimes certain articles might not be updated with the latest information or text, meaning that there might be times you come across a Wikipedia entry with outdated text.

The good news is that researchers at MIT have since developed an AI that will be able to automatically rewrite outdated text in Wikipedia entries. The idea of using bots to manage Wikipedia articles isn’t new, but for the most part it tends to rely on templates. However, with MIT’s AI, it will be able to rewrite text all the while sounding human.

According to one of the lead authors on the research, Darsh Shah, “There are so many updates constantly needed to Wikipedia articles. It would be beneficial to automatically modify exact portions of the articles, with little to no human intervention. Instead of hundreds of people working on modifying each Wikipedia article, then you’ll only need a few, because the model is helping or doing it automatically. That offers dramatic improvements in efficiency.”

The changes the AI makes will also not be too drastic, thus keeping the overall tone of the article while maintaining its facts.

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