For those of you out there who have made Barnes & Noble your favorite bookstore to visit, we bring you some rather disturbing news. It seems that they will be closing around 200 stores in the years to come as part of their corporate strategy in shifting more attention and focus to the digital book market. In speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Barnes & Noble retail group CEO Mitchell Klipper touted that “we’ll have 450 to 500 stores” in a decade’s time, and at point of publishing, Barnes & Noble do carry 689 retail locations across the US. This would average out, according to Klipper, closing around 20 retail locations each year over the next 10 years, which is a faster rate compared to 15 stores per year in the past decade. Do take note that until 2009, Barnes & Noble did open approximately 30 new stores annually.

I know that I have had my fair share of run ins with gadget love at Barnes & Noble bookstores, where playing around with their e-book readers proved to be quite the experience for me. Yes, so I lead a very boring life, sue me. What is your most memorable Barnes & Noble bookstore experience when it comes to technology?

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