[CES 2013] It is not every day that we see a speaker of this size and functionality. I know, the power outlet in your home is more often than not plugged in with all the essentials, and some of us who adamantly refuse to jump aboard the wireless connectivity bandwagon at home have relied on Powerplug networking technology to remain wired to the Internet? Here is a novel take on the humble yet all important power outlet – with the $99.99 Bem Outlet Speaker.

The name itself, the Bem Outlet Speaker, ought to shed a whole lot of light on just what this bad boy delivers. Basically, all that you are required to do is plug it in, pair it up with a compatible device via a Bluetooth connection, hit the play button, and start to groove to the kind of tunes that you have loaded earlier on. It will work wherever there is a power outlet in the vicinity, and considering its diminutive size of being a wee bit larger than a juice box, this is one easy traveler.

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