If there is any proof that technology has made humankind dumber across time, this would be it. Randolph Bean of Oviedo, Fla., recently pulled his yellow Corvette over to the side so that he could text his wife safely one late Sunday night. Unfortunately, a couple of would-be carjackers who were armed with a gun came by, forcing Bean to the ground while the other person stepped into the driver’s seat.

Unfortunately, the carjacker wannabe had no idea how to start the 2002 Millennium Yellow Z06 Corvette, before the armed man told his partner in the failed crime, “It’s a stick!” The two assailants in the end decided to leave the Corvette alone, running away with Bean’s phone, wallet and keys instead. Stupidest thief of the year award winner? Don’t hold your breath just yet, as there are still 11 more months in 2013 to go before we see how far mankind has fallen in terms of intelligence due to technology. It does make you wonder whether the driving schools should make it compulsory for everyone to know how to drive stick, you know, not for hold-ups, but just in case of an emergency.

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