[CES 2013] Roku has made a big splash in the last couple of years with its suite of products, one of which is the Roku Streaming Stick which gives users the power of a full Roku experience without needing to run any additional cables through your home entertainment setup. This past summer, Roku announcedit would be working with a number of hardware partners to make sure their device plays well with theirs, but today, Westinghouse is announcing its upcoming TVs will be completely compatible with Roku’s Streaming Stick.

Westinghouse’s lineup of TVs being shown off at CES next week will have MHL-enabled HDMI inputs, which is exactly what Roku’s Streaming Stick needs in order to completely compatible. A number of TVs will be on display at CES, but only Westinghouse’s 60-inch LED TV will be bundled with a Roku Streaming Stick, while it’s smaller TVs may or may not receive bundles.

This move to support not only the Roku Streaming Stick, but other MHL-compatible devices will help consumers receive the benefit of a Smart TV while saving money on buying completely new TVs just to be able to benefit from new technology.

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